Sunday, June 29, 2014

And vacation ends...

 All loaded up once more at the airport.

 Home at last at 10:pm. Ready for bed!

But, first snack...

Checking out Lisbon

In Lisbon, Miguel showed us some of the cool sights. It's such an amazing city, crowded by beautiful. Stef and I were both really impressed with Portugal and would so love to go back some day.

 Lots to see, apparently.

 Having lunch at a small cafe, waiting for our pizza.

Kai really liked this Thai "temple" and wanted to keep checking it out. We had a nice picnic here of coffee and pastries. Yumsh.

 A miniature Cristo.

View from top, of Lisbon.

 Eating out at an awesome, tiny, Indian restaurant. Too yummy!

One evening Miguel and Sonya took me out for a 'night on the town' to see how the young and restless spend their midnight hours. Lots of walking streets, lots of tiny, fun bars, looooots of young people, lots of fun. Only got this picture, but it was really a place worth revisiting :)

Beach pics with one video

After being in the Algarve for seven days, we drove back up to Lisbon as we planned to stay there two days to see the city. On the way we stopped at this amazingly, beautiful beach. Long stretches of white sand on either side, non crowded, nor cluttered with hotel chairs/umbrellas. It was lovely.

 I was even brave even to swim in the ocean this time around. Was cold, but not too bad. 

 "A mango icecream, please." But they only had vanilla. 


Portugal continues...

 Back to this beach!

 Kai loved this beach because there were no waves, therefore no noise

 Little Portuguese kid behind Erie befriended us and lent the boys his jet ski so he could play with us. 

Stef helping Kai be brave and get in the water. Fun Pirate ship sailing out.

On our way to eat out. Sadly no pics of the food this night, it was FANtastic! Loved it. Did take a picture of the restaurant the next day though :P

 Restaurant is at the top of the road. Photo taken from our patio.

Here is a view of the beach just below our house.

Beach, beach, beeeaaaach!

 Wake up, sleepy! Another beach day awaits...

 Lunch before heading out.

 Beautiful beach caves and archways.

 The boys were so exhausted this day that after just half an hour they both came to cuddle me and fell asleep.

 After a couple hours of sleep, awake and replenishing with grill sandwiches.

 My little Erie! Such a smiler :)

 Kai was very relaxed at this beach and just wanted to stay laying down most of the time. 

 Some views of the beach we were at this day. Had to walk down several stairs to get to it. Lovely, uncrowded place.

 On this distant path, you can see Sonya and Miguel walking back from the beach.

 Erie and Gabes watching "Saw-saw"--as Erik calls her.

 Helping Papa with the BBQ!