Friday, June 14, 2013

Trip to Venice, Italy, day 6

We hadn't planned to visit Venice as we assumed it'd be a big deal trip to work out, but seeing as most of our vacation was rainy and cold, we decided we should make it worthwhile by visiting Venice. 

It was sunny

A fancy taxi whizzing by

Lots of scenery shots as I'm not really sure which ones to post.

Kai checking things out from our water ferry/taxi.

These gondolas looked cool.

An ambulance shooting by. It was interesting to see how everything had to get done by boats--huge piles of laundry loaded on a boat, or cement and bricks for building projects, etc. 

Erik insisted on standing at the side of the boat like this and even tried lifting his leg to climb out. 

Many mask stands. 

We walked around for a bit and had icecream, but we couldn't go far as there are many stairs and we had a buggy.

Had to post this picture because of Kai's face, ha. 

"I'm soooo thirsty! Waaaaah"

Heading back to the mainland.

 He was exhausted.


  1. You made a great choice. Venice must be visited at least once. It's an amazing place!

  2. Oh I'm SO glad you made it there and got such great pix too! Isn't it such an amazing and beautiful place? Love it! You should plan to go there again when the kids are bigger and you don't need a stroller so you can see more. :-)